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Trusted Armenian Charity

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When you give to a trusted Armenian charity, there are additional tax benefits.

A gift to a trusted Armenian charity can warrant you to a charitable contribution deduction when you file income taxes. In order to take advantage of this, you do need to itemize deductions. If you are itemizing deductions, you want to make sure your total deductions are greater than the standard deductible.

A contribution is deductible in the year it is paid. If you put a check in the mail, it will constitute a payment. A contribution done on a credit card is deductible in the year it is charged to the card, even if you made payment to the credit card company at a later date. There are limits on how much you can deduct but these limits are really high so they won’t affect most people. If you are giving non-monetary donations then there will be rules for these deductions. You will need proper documentation in order to deduct any contributions.

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