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Visit to Elderly in Poverty

Today was an important day for us.

It was important because we visited 24 elderly in poverty, living alone, with no assistance other then their pension. This is truly both something to smile AND cry about. We know that we cannot reach out to all of them...we know that it's impossible to solve their problems... But we also know that together, united in the Diaspora, we can ease their pain, even if it's only temporary.

Some of the elderly didn't want to take pictures because they were ashaimed of their living conditions, so the food was left at the door. Some of them were only crying, finding no words. Some were thanking us for reaching out. Some recently lost their husbands.. And so on.

This is what we accomplished. All of them will have food to last at least 3-4 months. God bless you ALL who were part of this. You truly make a difference.

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