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Food for Elderly Drive - Delivered on February 20, 2016

Dear friends, today, our group visited our 34 single grandmothers and grandfathers (papiks and tatiks) who had no one and are forced to survive only on a very small pension. We took them butter, cheese, milk, sausage, fresh chicken, grains, tea, sweets, sugar, grains, fruits, cotton shirts, hats, socks, slippers, and most importantly, our warm attitude, smile and exceptional mood :)

Grandparents were very happy about our visit and were extremely excited, many said that they are happy that at least the door was opened and people actually visited them. There were also grandmothers who kept pets to fulfill their loneliness.

Everybody thanked us, blessed all of us and said that as long as there are people like us, they are not alone :)

To describe the feelings, are almost impossible. Only feelings of happiness, feelings of joy that people in vulnerable situations were helpe at least a little.

Dear friends, I thank all of you participation, for your contributions, and support. It is thanks to people like you that we can organize such visits and relieve some of the anxiety and problems from the needy. All respect is due to you and glory to God!

God bless you! Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did :)

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