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Visit to Family in Zovuni - Family in Poverty - 8/28/16

Dear friends, today our group visited the family in Zovuni. Four children living in a dilapitated house, devoid of basic means of survival. The older child, Ashot, was not able to go to school because he had no clothes/shoes and school supplies. We had a lot of surprises for them. We took them a refrigerator, a washing machine, bread-making oven, electric kettle, a pig and 20 chickens, a bunk bed for the boys, firewood for the winter. We also too a cell phone for the mother, who didn't have one (this is the cheapest way to communicate. Landlines cost more than cell phones), quite a lot of food, meat, milk , grains, vegetables, flour, sugar, etc. . This food will last them well through the winter months and will be enough to keep the family from hunger. In addition, we took clothes and shoes for the children, and of course especially for 8-year-old Ashot, who was the main motive for our visit, for whom we took a school bag, pretty much all school supplies, school clothes, and some money transferred to the mother to cover ongoing expenses associated with the kids, who have speech problems, going to the doctor. Children, especially Ashotik, were very happy. They were passing a package to one another, opening toys, going through books, flipping through pages of the Bible :)) Especially touching was Gayane's behavior, who soon became close with one of our group members, hugging him tight, and only let our member go at the time of saying goodbye. Dear friends, the family's daily life really changed for this family. The children are no longer hungry and the parents will no longer think about how to get them bread. Hopefully this family will be able to manage from now on, with the pig (as ongoing income) and the chickens, which will supply them with eggs not only to eat, but at a given time to make them income too. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for sharing your bread with the poor. God Bless each and every one of you.

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