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Visit to Family Living in a Tent on Ararat-Vedi Highway - 12/25/2016

Dear Friends,

On Christmas day our group headed to the Ararat - Vedi highway to visit a family who has been living on the side of the road since their housing was devastatingly destroyed in a fire.

The family is in the process of securing housing in a stone building that is very close to their work. Their new home's location will be much warmer, safer, and will shorten their commute! Unfortunately their house is not completely ready, so in collaboration with One Family One mission we were happy to support the family during this time of transition!

We took them a cow who will produce about 20 liters of milk daily. She is also pregnant and will soon be delivering a calf! We also brought the family items for their future home such as a brand new refrigerator, washing machine, oven, stove, and table and chairs. We also supplied the family with enough food to last them 7-8 months, including dairy products, grains, vegetable, oils, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Finally, each family member now has warm clothing and shoes to keep them safe during the remainder of winter.

We are also happy to report that starting next semester after winter break, the children will start going to school! They are very excited to begin their education and be in their new home. Despite the cold weather and lack of shelter, we managed to get a few pictures (below). The children had fun decorating their Christmas tree and everyone was thankful for our visit and support.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support. God Bless you.


Here are the pictures of our visit:

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