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Our Visit to Baghramyan Village - Another Single mom with 3 kids

Dear Friends, Today our team headed again to Baghramyan village where last week we discovered Armenuhi, a single mom with 3 children, in bed with pneumonia. It has been days she was not able to work and provide for her children, and they were in miserable condition, with nothing to eat.

I am happy to tell you that they will no longer be hungry or cold, since they not only have over 8 months of food, but also a sustainable income in means of a cow and 30 chicken. The cow will give at least 15 liters of milk on daily basis, and 30 chicken will give at least 1 egg each day (30 eggs daily). She will be able to sell the milk and eggs for income.

In addition to the above, we also took them appliances, to better their everyday life. These included: a refrigerator, washing machine, a computer (donated by one of our members), gas stove, etc. We also took them 2 winters worth of firewood, so they are set for winter 2018 as well.

In terms of food, we took them at least 8 months worth including 100kg flour, potatoes, milk, meat, grains, granular food, canned/dry food. Each member of the family also received enough clothing for winter, spring, and summer months, including shoes. The children received a lot of school supplies, such as stationary, and lots of toys.

Today, this family's life changed forever. They now have sustainable income, the mother can start baking and selling as well.

Thank you, for your willingness to share your bread with them..... because of you, one more family's life is changed.

God bless you!

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