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Our Visit to Artashat - 2 Families in Dire Condition - 5/1/17 in Artashat, Armenia.

Dear friends, Today our team headed to Artashat to deliver aid to 2 families living in dire conditions. With children half-clothed, no food to eat for days at a time. Children not going to school because of lack of proper clothes.

We had many things for them. Each family received a cow. Each cow will have a calf in a couple of months, but in the mean time, the children will be able to enjoy daily milk and dairy products. The extra remaining milk can be sold for income to meet their daily needs. We also took them winter firewood for the upcoming winter. Each family received a refrigerator, electric oven to make bread, electric kettle, quite a lot of food to last them at least 5 months, including dry/canned food, meat, grains, dairy products, vegetables, sweets, canned food, and bags of flour for bread. All members of the family received clothing for all 4 seasons. Our team also took children's diapers, school supplies, and toys.

One of the families received a sewing machine because the mother is able to sew, which will enable her generate more income.

Because we were not able to raise up to our goal, the aid was a little less than others, and so we were not able to get them the 30 chicken we usually take and extra food.

Both families were very grateful and happy that we filled their home with so many things that they would never imagine receiving. Most importantly, the children will not be hungry anymore, the cow's milk and other dairy products they will be able to produce will make sure of that.

I would like to point out that we monitor each cow we take to families for at least 2 years, making sure that the animal is still in the family's possession and is used for the intention we took it to them initially. We have a dedicated person on the ground to make sure this happens.

We are very pleased that both families, more or less, are out of extreme conditions and will now try to overcome the poverty.

Thank you all for sharing your bread with your brothers and sisters in need. God bless you abundantly.

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