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Mission to Dasht Village - May 7, 2017

Dear friends, Today our team's mission was to visit the family in Dasht village. This family had just lost their main provider, a loving father and husband. They found themselves in a desperate situation. The store were not loaning anymore food, as their debts accumulated.

The mother and 2 children were very happy with our visit. We took them a cow, which will produce 15 liters of milk a day, 30 live chicken, which will give at least 30 eggs a day, refrigerator, stove, firewood for the upcoming winter, enough food for at least 8 months, school supplies for children, and clothing/shoes for each member of the family. The debts at the stores were paid in full. In addition 50,000 was given to the mother to cover some medical expenses for her son.

The children were very happy for their gifts and the mom was excited at the same time very grateful.

Dear friends, the family will no longer long for bread, as not only do they have a lot of food to last, but also a sustainable income from cow and chicken. I hope that the mother will be able to manage the household, and the family will never be in extreme conditions.

Thanks to all the participants, followers and all supporters of our missions. God bless you! I would like to personally thank CHAMPS Charter High School's Armenian Student Association as they raised part of the money with Armine Minasyan

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