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Our Team Headed to Artashat to Family in Poverty - June 28, 2017

Dear friends,

Today, our group headed to Artashat and we visited a wonderful family with four underage children living in extreme poverty.

We took them a cow, which will give15 liters of milk a day. We also took them 30 live chicken, which will give them at least 30 eggs on daily basis to ensure steady daily income so that the kids won't be hungry ever again.

In addition, we took them a refrigerator, electric oven, electric kettle, firewood for the upcoming winter, long-lasting food to last for over 8 months, clothing and footwear for all family members, school stationery for kids and more.

Let me also note that their older son has dozens of medals already has been invited to compete and represent Armenia in Karate in both Georgia and Europe. However, because of lack of money, he said that he would not be able to do so. He has a black belt. If anyone interested in helping him in his competitions (because it costs to be part of one) I will give additional information about the details.

Thank you all, who were part of this mission to change the life of this family....forever.

God bless you.

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