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Our Team's Visit to Yeghegnavan Village, Ararat Marz - 9/3/17 — in Yeghegnavan, Ararat, Armenia.

Dear friends, Today, our team visited a family who was socially vulnerable. This was a needy family living in Yeghegnavan village with 2 children who are under their grandparents' care because their mom is bedridden with multiple health problems.

Once again, our visit brought changes to the family: the kind of changes that will change this family's daily life for the better. We took them a cow and 30 chicken, which will give them fresh milk and eggs every day. We also took them firewood for the upcoming winter, a refrigerator, an electric oven for baking bread, dry/canned food to last them at least 8 months, school supplies for school children, backpacks, and other necessary school supplies which they lacked and were unable to go to school on Sept. 1. We also took clothes for all members of the family.

Friends, this is yet another family that has come out of extreme social conditions, and I hope that like the previous families, this family will also be able to properly manage their possessions and take care of their living and daily problems to get themselves out of poverty.

I am grateful for everyone to follow us, who participate and donate to our missions. Thank you, Vick Ismailyan, for your generous donation and for joining our team yet another time.

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