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Our Team's Visit to Hayk & his family in Kurtan Village - 10/5/17 — in Kurt'An, Lori, Ar

Dear friends, today our group reached out to the family living in Kourtan village of Lori region. This was the family where Hayk, the well-known contractor in his village and the main provider of the family unfortunately, has suffered four strokes and because disabled. His family was in misery, because they were not able to buy medications for the father nor were they able to earn any food. There were some nights when they went to bed hungry.

However, today, a lot of things changed for this family. We had a lot of food for them, which would last for many months, approximately about 8 months, a refrigerator, electric oven where they can bake their own bread, all necessary medicines for the next few months for Hayk, clothing and shoes for all seasons for ALL members of the family.

Besides all this, in a few days they will get chicken and a pig which will become the source of continuous family income.

Hayk, with difficulty, but with a few words blessed you all so much for your generosity. My team and I are very much touched.

The children mingled with each other, opening their bags. The little one was more attentive to the banana))) The mother of the family was touched and she wept quite a bit. She said, "Let's hope this is our last help, and after that, we will definitely stand up on our feet."

The girls were so enthusiastic that they had hugged the fridge to bring it home themselves. One of the girls told her mom, "I would say mamma, and that after this nothing will be damaged, we'll keep it in the refrigerator."

Neighbors came to help, they were amazed. They say that Hayk will definitely stand up, get well, and save his family, after this much help, which saved them.

Dear friends, as of today, this family will no longer be hungry. Although we have a lot of families yet to help, I hope our next visit to the next family will help them get out of the extreme situation, to stand up and to care for the living and the needs. Thank you all, who were part of this mission. Consider this fully accomplished. God bless you.

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