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Food Delivered to Elderly Papik/Tatiks for New Years - 11/29/17 — in Vanadzor.

Dear friends,

Our group, like in the previous years for the holidays, visited single, socially insecure elderly (papik/tatiks) living in Vanadzor's nearby villages. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to visit 20 elderly.

We took them food to last them for at least 4-5 months. Some said that this was enough for the whole year :) The food included potatoes, rice, butter, buckwheat, peas, lentils, sugar, oil, tomato reserves, chicken, dairy products, various meat products, fruit, sweets, tea, coffee and so on.

What we saw was joyful but at the same extremely sad. There were elderly people living in one house with their children, but they did not pay any attention to them, not even with a piece of bread. There were lonely and abandoned grandparents who were begging for food, and there were others living with other families in a yard and at the same time were starving. There were disabled and abandoned elderly as well.

Unfortunately, there are many more similar cases, whom we will try to reach out in the near future.

Many of the elderly were excited, many were happy, some could not even express their emotions. But one thing was the same in everyone's eyes: joy and excitement.

We all received many warm words of thankfulness, blessings and smiles.

If each one of us gives a little attention to a single grandmother or grandfather living next to them, I'm more than sure that their lives will be happier and they will not sit and count for the last days of their lives.

Thank you for being with us. God bless you! Without your support, this would have been impossible.

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