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2nd Annual Magical Christmas for Children Event - FairyTale - December 24, 2017.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Children's Magical Christmas Fairy Tale Day. December 24 was a great celebration for about 130 children and their mothers. They were invited from different villages and towns of Lori region, and all of them are unfortunately socially vulnerable.

Almost none of them had ever been to Yerevan, have never been to children's café, many were trying pizza for the first time, and the Clown, Cartoonists, Santa Claus, the Spectator and of course the attractions made their day a real magical fairy tale.

The children danced, drank, took part in various show programs, competitions, tasted delicious food, and of course tasted a very tasty cake that was prepared for them. And at the very end of the visit, Santa Claus came to visit, who brought great gifts for everyone. The gifts were so big, that most of the children could not even lift their packages. The gidts included what they asked from Santa, additionall gifts included winter shoes, outerwear, new clothes, games, backpacks, and school stationary.

Thanks to Multeri Ashkharh Children’s Playground, our kids were given the opportunity to enjoy the attractions free of charge. The kids played so much that they got exhausted from playing.

The list of thank-you-s is great, I do not think there's any need to mention it. All I can say that it was definitely not a waste of time for our team's over 1 month preparations and the valuable time they put to volunteer for our charity event.

The expectations were all met, we saw their smiling and shining faces, excited parents, and joyful Christmas atmosphere.

Once again, I want to thank you for my great team, that is, you, all those who have contributed to this great miracle. All this is a result of our wonderful teamwork. Thank you for your generous donations, as they were all used for the purpose of giving a Magical Day for these children.

God bless you

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