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Help Delivered to Zenfira Tatik - Dec. 30, 2017 — in Vanadzor.

I want to share something with you. About a week ago, a friend of mine called and said that on Christmas day, they are going to do Secret Santa, but instead of doing gifts, they will collect money and warm the hearts of an unfortunate family. Their children will write Christmas wishes and send to them. At that time, we heard about Zenfira tatik, who was raising her 2 grandchildren on her own, because their mother abandoned them.

Zenfira tatik told me that the children were getting by with only bread most of the time and at night, to stay warm, holding a plastic coke bottle containing boiled water, so that their bodies will warm and they will be able to go to sleep. So I decided that the help would need to go to her. Here is the outcome... My friend wishes to remain anonymous..... but her gesture is priceless... watch the video and you will see.

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