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Our Team's Visit to Melkonyan Family in Lori Province - 3/3/18

Dear friends, today our group visited the Melkonian family living in the Shahumyan village of Lori Province. Words cannot describe the joy we brought to the famiily with our visit. They were all looking forward to our visit.

We had countless gifts for them. To make sure they will never be hungry and ensure sustainable income, we took them a cow, which will give them 15 liters of fresh milk every day - chickens that will provide fresh eggs. We also took them firewood, refrigerator, two 50kg sack of flower, potatoes, grains, oil, meat products, dairy products, other long-lasting food. All members of the family received clothing and footwear, children received school bags, stationery, toys and other gifts.

The parents were touched, thankful, and felt loved and blessed, and the children were happy to receive so many gifts.

The family said it would work hard and multiply what we took them, and we are more than confident that gave another chance to a hard-working family who will diligently use what they have which will help them get out of the extreme situation. Very soon, they will be able to care for their family problems independently.

I would like to thank all those who are next to our missions, who are ready to share with us the concerns of every needy family. Thank you so much. <3

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