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Our Visit to Single Mother in Shahumyan Village, Lori - 3/3/18

Dear friends, Our team visited the twin brothers living with their mother in the Shahumyan village of Lori Region today. A bright and a joyful family was eagerly awaiting for us.

In addition to the cow, we also took them chicken, an electric oven to bake bread, an electric heater for the children's room, firewood for the winter, two 50kg sacks of flour, potatoes, vegetable oil, meat products, dairy products, lots of dry/canned food, clothing and footwear for the family, many games and toys for the children, school bags, stationery and more.

The mother of the children was very happy with our visit, she smiled constantly, thanked us, and the children went from one box to another and carefully studied their gifts.

Dear friends, after seeing the mother of the children, I realized that despite the difficulties of life, loneliness, and desperate situation, she is ready to fight, work, and secure children's well-being. I am confident that the family will be able to get out of their current desperate situation and be able to provide for themselves.

Thank you to all the participants, our followers, and our supporters. God bless you all <3

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