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Visit to Family in Extreme Poverty in Armavir - 6/10/18

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Published by Lilia Chakarian · June 12 ·

Dear friends,

Over the weekend, our group the family in extreme condition provided assistance to not only be able to feed their children but we also provided means for them to work for money by giving them a pig and chicken. The mother pig will soon be delivering many babies which they can use to make more money.

Thanks to chicken, they will not only have fresh eggs for their children but also have an income by selling some or exchanging. We also took them a refrigerator, washing machine, baking bread oven, electric kettle, dry/canned food to last them for a very long time, as a boost, clothes and shoes for the whole family, games and toys for children, school bags. We also covered their debt at the store.

Also I would like to mention that we are following up on the boy's medical examinations, which should begin today to understand how to solve the problem. The boy may have autism.

I would like to thank all the participants, members of our charity, generous donors, followers, and those who are generally in touch and follow our missions. Most of the money for this mission was donated by Nairi, who turned 10 and dedicated her birthday gifts to help a family in need. This is the second year Nairi is dedicating her birthday to our charity and I am just beyond words. Last time she donated towards physical therapies for a girl with a disability and as a result, this girl was able to walk. Thank you Nairi, you are truly an inspiration.

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