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Aid Delivered to Family in Lchavan Village, Gegharkunik - 6.21.18

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" added 56 new photos to the album: Aid Delivered to Family in Lchavan Village, Gegharkunik - 6.21.18 — at Gegharkunik Province.

Published by Lilia Chakarian · June 24 ·

Dear friends, Our group group visited and delivered aid to one of the many families living in Lchavan village, Gegharkunik Province who are currently in extreme condition. We will continue our focus on families like these, who are hard-working and need a boost to live a somewhat normal life in the village without moving to another country to support their families. Our main mission is to help them stay in these villages close to the azeri border and continue living there.

We gave this family, like other families, one pregnant cow that will give 15 liters of milk every day. This way the children will have fresh milk and other dairy products everyday as well as earn extra income by selling/exchanging it.

We also provided them with a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, an oven to bake bread, a lot of dry/canned food as a one years worth boost, all season clothing and shoes for the family, toys and other necessities such as hygiene supplies and school stationary for children.

The family was very happy for everything, everyone was opening the boxes one after the other, looking at gifts, and the adults were just happy because their daily lives changed drastically after the visit.

I am more than confident that the family's social status changed after our visit, and hope that they will be able to properly manage the aid and get out of the socially vulnerable situation.

I want to thank all the participants, all those who are with us. Because of your generosity, a lot of people's lives changed. Thank you and God bless you <3

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