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Visit to Gohar Tatik & Grandkids in Geghakert - 2/20/19 — at Geghakert Village, Armavir.

Today's visit was different for all of us, as a team. Our group visited Gohar tatik living in the village of Geghakert village, where three little children remained in care, because her daughter, the mother of the children died a few months ago and their father refused to take responsibility for them.

Gohar tatik is an old woman who sometimes gets help to feed the children and sometimes borrowing money from stores to buy food.

We had many gifts for them, a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, an electric oven for baking bread and heating the food, a bunk bed for the children, so they could have a place to sleep, a table and 6 chairs because they did not have it, instead they had a worn down old school table. We also took them a year worth of dry/canned food, clothes for children and grandmother for all seasons for a year, bedding, some utensils and other necessities such as hygiene supplies. We also paid off their debt at several stores.

Our visit was accompanied by the children's teachers who were very disturbed by the the way the children and the grandmother were living, and who were constantly keeping an eye on them. They were very grateful for our visit. They said they would do their best to help Gohar tatik by sorting out everything we had taken them because there was almost no room to walk in the rooms after our visit.

We thank everyone for joining us and helping this family. Although this is a rare case, where this family will not have a sustainable income because Gohar tatik is just unable to milk a cow, our help was much needed. We hope that Gohar tatik will live healthy and long, and children will be able to overcome the loss of her mother and will be able to become a full member of the society. In the meantime, if there is anyone who would like to become their monthly sponsor, please let me know and I will forward their contact information. Thank you again, for supporting our missions. God bless you.

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