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Visit to Mrs. Gohar and Family - Katnajur Village - 4/1/19 — in Kat'Najur, Lorri, Armenia. April

Our group visited the village of Katnajur where Mrs. Gohar, a blind woman lives with her brother's family. The only person who is able to work is her brother because one of his children is serving in the army, and the other one is mentally ill. This family was in complete despair and needed immediate help.

Mrs. Gohar was amazed, as we were telling her what we brought them and did not stop crying. She blessed everyone who was involved in helping her family. The whole village gathered around our group and was glad the family received assistance.

Mrs. Gohar said God did not give me anything for so long, perhaps He knew that you would be coming into our lives and helping us at all at once.

I would like to mention that we have given the family a pregnant cow which will give them 15 liters of milk on daily basis, 30 chicken that will give up to 30 eggs a day in a month, a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, an electric oven, an electric kettle, a lot of food, which will last them more than a year and, of course, clothes and shoes for all members of the family for all seasons.

Now, the family, where most members have disabilities, will no longer have hunger days, will have their daily income, and will be able to gradually get out of extreme poverty.

Thank you to all who made this happen. Thank you for your trust and support. Because of you, another family will no longer have hungry days. God bless you

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