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Visit to 6 Children Abandoned by their Father - Vanadzor - 4.3.19 — in Vanadzor. April 4,02019

Today, our group visited 6 children living with their mother, whose father abandoned them. We heard about these children when we were visiting Mrs. Gohar, the blind woman whom we helped just recently. These children were hungry when we visited them, and later found out that they have hungry days very often.

So, we decided, since we raised more money than needed for Mrs. Gohar, we would be providing this family with food and clothing to last them at least 8 months. The most touching thing was that the children did not go after the toys we took them, but went straight for food. One of the children had asked the mom to buy chicken to eat for his birthday, but she was not able to do so at the time.

Today, the mother was astonished as she had never expected that there will be one day that she would be able to feed her children.

True, all of this is temporary, but we are confident that when the youngest child grows a little, the mother will be able to work and earn the daily bread of her children, and thanks to all of you, these children will not have a problem of food for at least 8 months if not a year.

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