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Helped for Susanna in Vanadzor - Bday Fundraisers Combined

Recently, Svetlana turned to us for help. She had worked as a tailor for many years in the Vanadzor sewing factory, but was no longer able to go to work because of her recently discovered illness.

Because Svetlana had no job or any source of income, she was totally lost and didn't know what to do to provide for her daughter.

We combined 3 different birthday fundraisers and gave Svetlana a brand new sewing machine so she could sew and make money at home. Svetlana was so excited that she even spoke with difficulty, thanking her benefactors.

She said she had clients, but because of the lack of a sewing machine she kept turning them away. But now she will work for herself, earning a living for herself and her child.

In addition to the sewing machine we also brought some food for them so that they could live on food before starting to make money

Thank you, Arsine Simonyan, Satenik Soulakhian, and Anna Marie Avanesian

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