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Help Delivered to Hard-Working Family - Aznvadzor Village 8/18/19

Our visit this time was to Aznvadzor village of Lori Province, where we visited a family with 6 children. This visit was sponsored by an individual, who covered all costs of the entire visit.

Our visit had caused a great stir in the family, because no one was expecting so much help, as the family had ever received the amount of help we delivered.

We had many surprises for the family. First and foremost, we took them a cow that provides 12-15 liters of milk every day. This ensures the family will have a steady daily income as well as dairy for the family members. The cow is expected to give the family $300 a month on average income.

In addition, we gave the family a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, an electric oven and an electric kettle to make the family's life a little better.

In addition to the above, we took them plenty of clothes and shoes for all family members, toys for the children, and of course food for the whole family that should last them at least a year. The food included 100kg of flour, grains, dairy products, fruits, and more.

The children were jumping from one box to another, tasting the sweets, and the parents were simply stunned because they could not believe that it was theirs and that their lives had changed drastically from our visit.

We are confident that the life of this disadvantaged family has completely changed, and now they will begin to work with new strength and change their daily lives for even better.

Thank you dear Rita, for changing the life of this family. God bless you

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