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Visit to Family in Margahovit Village - 1/4/2020

We visited Tatev and her family at the end of 2019. They live in the village of Margahovit, in Lori Province, a family with 3 underage children growing up in unstable social conditions.

Our visit was not expected by the family, so the surprise visit was a success!

The most important gift which we have provided them was a cow and 20 chicken. A pregnant cow, which delivers 15 liters a milk on daily basis that will have a calf in about 2 months, and 20 eggs a day together, will give the family a sustainable job and income all year long.

In addition to livestock, the family also received an electric oven, electric kettle, desk for children, a wardrobe for clothes, food to last them over a year, as a boost, including some New Year food for the table, and of course many clothes and toys.

The children were of course most excited about toys, going from gift boxes to checking toys for everyone, and the adults in the family were mostly happy about the livestock and the fact that they now have plenty of food and good source of income.

In words, it is almost impossible to describe the joy that was prevalent in this family before the holidays. Now they have beautiful holidays and everything to spend their daily lives well starting from today. Thank you for being with us. God bless you!

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