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4th Annual Magical Christmas for Children Event - 12/15/19 — at Aladdin Kids Cafe, Yerevan, Armenia

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Here we are, our 4th Annual Magical Christmas for Children Event was a huge success. We invited 130 children who were accompanied by either their teachers or parent/caregiver. This was a day that each child present will remember for a long time. It was filled with non-stop food and entertainment, and, of course Santa, who distributed the presents to each child according to their wish in their letters.

It's with a great pleasure that I present to you the pictures of our "Magical Christmas for Children" event! The event took place on December 15, 2019 in Yerevan, Armenia at Aladdin Children's Cafe and included over 130 children from Vanadzor, its surrounding villages, Lori Province.

This is how we do it each year, and this year was one of our biggest events, The endless smiles of these children, most of whom have not even tasted a pizza before, was both heart-breaking and gratifying for our team. This event brought great joy for us as we completed yet another successful mission.

This is a mission that we have been bringing to life every year in December for the past 4 years. 130 children were able to live in an unforgettable dream, a dream of being a child again after living in a gray world of poverty all their life. This day, for a change, they were away from all the issues, lack of simple little things that we take for granted.

130 children, along with their teachers/parent/caregivers were entertained non-stop for 6 hours dancing and singing with cartoon characters, watched a show with clowns juggling, played many games, danced with the polar bear, experienced the extraordinary paper show, had a beautiful massive Christmas cake and cupcakes, and most importantly, received the presents they asked from Santa in a letter they sent to his "helpers" :) (They actually received more than they asked, including boots, warm jackets, additional toys/school supplies)

May all children be able to experience the joy we have instilled in these children this day, may all children feel they are loved and watched over.

May you, who contributed to this wonderful mission, be blessed this Christmas with your families, as you have given smiles and hopes to many who simply lost them. I would also like to mention that this year, we had one of the most prestigious Armenian schools involved in our mission and around 35 presents for these children were funded by Rose Alex Pilibos Armenian School organized by Kami Arabian and his friends at student council

Thank you for your support, thank you for your trust in our organization, thank you for being a part of changing people's lives... one at a time. God bless! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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