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35 Children Have New Shoes in Villages of Lori Province - 9/23/19

This post was really hard for me to write. The fact that many other children will go to school essentially barefoot, is heartbreaking. We had some extra funds and we decided to use all of them to buy as many shoes as we could for the children whose shoes were in worst condition. When I say worst, I mean that if there is a rain, by the time these kids reach school, their feet will be wet. Not "Might be" but WILL be wet.

So, this mission was both sad and beautiful, and it's all because of you. You, who donate to our organization, made this happen, and every penny is going to go to these kinds of missions, in addition to what we usually do.

With that said, more than 35 children from a number of villages in the Lori Province were invited to the shoe store in Vanadzor, where they picked their own shoes, the color they dreamed, the shape, type of shoe they always wanted. We left it up to them to decided (of course with our organizer's help) they now have new shoes to attend school.

Most of them were still in the summer shoes. With rainy and cold weather, we had one parent asking their neighbor to borrow shoes for the child to come and pick up their shoes from the store.

Now they have new shoes that will allow them to go to school without thinking about their tiny feet getting wet and without the intimidation of hiding outdated, patchy and slippery shoes. Thank you all, who made this happen. Without you, we cannot do much. God bless you all

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