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Hygiene Supplies Distributed to Displaced Families in Lori Province - 12/11/2020

As we continue to support the displaced families since the beginning of war with food, clothing, and hygiene supplies, more help, our 5th truckload of over 2 tons of food was distributed for the 5th time to over 5000 people in Lori Province. In Addition to that, more hygiene supplies: soap, detergent, diapers, etc. Furthermore, 300 children from Artsakh who started attending school just recently, received school supplies to last the for the remainder of the year. Here are some pictures of the recent aid we sent.

In addition, there are a number of families living at a closed orphanage, which got not only the above mentioned, but also an electric oven, which they requested

Thank you all for your trust and support!

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