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Noy's Special Playground - Grand Opening - Vanadzor, Armenia 6/29/19

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

June 30 was one of the most important days for our organization, as this very day the opening ceremony of a special playground named after Noy took place in Vanadzor, Armenia, Lori Province. The playground is intended for children with disabilities who have no other place in Vanadzor to be able play like other children. Thus, this very beautiful spot at "Dimats Park" has become their entertainment spot where they can play, train and break away from their everyday life. The playground is open to all children as well ages.

The residents and public officials of Vanadzor, as well as all of us have been waiting for this opening day very much, and even with heavy rains and at some points extreme bad weather, our team enjoyed every moment of the opening of the only square in the city, which is intended for children with a problem of self-sufficiency.

We also want to express our gratitude to our friends, Noy's parents, Lilit and Nishan Odabashians for providing most of the funding for this playground, our Vice President, Ruzanna Martirosyan and Eliza Glants Harutyunyan for adding additional play-spots for the playground, and all who have contributed to this playground. For me, personally, this was one of the most important goals, which I consider fully mission accomplished. With this, we have solved one of the most important issues for children with many problems.

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