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Playground in Lusaghbyur Village, Lori - In Memory of Vahakn Aglamishian - 10-21-2021

This playground was sponsored and constructed in honor of Vahakn Aglamishian, whose last wish was to help the children of Armenia. I spoke to him a few months before he passed away, and, although he did not say that he was leaving money for our organization, he expressed his will, to involve and help the children.

When we started the construction of this playground in Lusaghbyur Village, Lori Province back in September of 2020, all the villagers got involved in the work to help us finish it faster. Whoever could, did what they could: paint, clean the area, help with the construction work, and so on. Everything was going its own way, but when the war started, our lives stopped.

As the 44 day war started, many left their families, their village and went to war, from which many did not return. Unfortunately, he did not return - Myasnik, who worked tirelessly from morning to night to help build the playground until he went to the war, and... never came back. He was sooo looking forward for the opening ceremony, even more than all the children.

This year we finally completed the construction of the playground and decided that it would be named after Myasnik. The opening ceremony was quite modest, everyone was sad, although the children were very happy. After the opening ceremony, our team and the villagers laid flowers at the memorial to the martyrs of the war, and thus ended the opening day of the beautiful and only playground in the village.

This playground will become a very important part of the village not only because it will be a place where young and old can come together in one place, but also because it will be a place of remembrance, honor, and respect to the person whose wish was to help the children, and to the fallen soldiers of our Motherland.

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