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SUCCESS STORIES - PART 2 - Anna Arakelyan - 09/10/2021

When we visited Anna Arakelyan, we let you know that she was one of the families living in the most difficult social conditions of the families we visited: a single mother, 2 minor children.

After our visit, a lot has changed in their life, she moved to a new, better house, bought furniture, necessary things, and her daily life has become even better. The calf has already become a big cow, and she currently makes cheese and sells it.

Moreover, when we were distributing school supplies to the children of socially vulnerable families this year, Anna refused, saying that she was already able to buy it.

Thank you for being this live-changing mission, one family at a time. God bless!

P.S. If you would like to be part of a bigger mission, we are currently trying to raise money to install gas for a whole village! Please follow this link to be part of it and learn more about it...We have till September 21 to reach our goal:

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