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SUCCESS STORY - PART 1 - Tatev - 08/22/2021

Here is Tatev’s success story whom we visited several months ago.

Tatev lives with her family in the village of Gugark, whom our organization visited several months ago, donated a cow, a number of household appliances, food and other items. Tatev sold the milk / dairy products from the cow and bought a second cow and now she makes double the amount of cheese from the milk given by the 2 cows.

Tatev also separated some grains from the food we gave them, sowed them and got even more crops. With the income they received, not only did they made some repairs on the house, repaired the bathroom, bought some furniture, but also bought chicken, ducks, and of course, they are able to take care of their daily needs with their own work.

We thank all our donors for your generosity, you trust and support of our missions to change the lives of such families. Enjoy the short video and God bless!

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