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Visit to Anush in Ijevan, Tavush Province - 2/2/21

As you know, our organization implements various assistance programs in different parts of Armenia. As a result of additional funds collected in our fundraiser, we have provided assistance to Mrs. Anush, who is a single mother who has a lot of health conditions, living in the Tavush region.

When we talked to Mrs. Anush, if she had a sewing machine, she would be able to sew different things at home, sell them, with which she could earn money.

Well, of course, we gave her one of the best sewing machines, thanks to which she will be able to make any kind of sewing and get income. In addition, we gave her all the medicines she needed, clothes, threads, helyun, a washing machine to make his daily needs easier, food to last her for a long time, and, of course, firewood.

Mrs. Anush was very excited, she said that she would work at home, try to earn money, take care of her daughter.

We have high hopes that Mrs. Anush will recover soon, will be able to live a full life, will be able to take care of the family's needs on her own very soon.

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