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Visit to Anush's Family in Lusaghbyur Village - 1/30/21

Our team visited Anush's family who lives in Lusaghbyur village, Lori region. First of all, let's talk about the most important changes we made that has immediately impacted their lives: natural gas was installed in their house, they now have a pregnant cow, which will give them 15 liters of fresh milk every day and a calf in 2-3 months. They now have a washing machine, gas oven, electric kettle. We have also provided them with food that will last them up to 1 year, clothes for the entire family and toys for the children.

To say how excited they were about the visit is to say nothing. Anush happily told that the cow has been giving them milk for 2 days already, and she is able to provide the children with fresh dairy products, as well as she will be able to sell the dairy products to have a daily income. In addition, they already have all the amenities, natural gas and thus, opportunity to create a small permanent income.

We are more than confident that our visit will be the start for significant changes for this family; we will soon hear about them living a more prosperous life. Thank you all for making this happen for this family. God bless!

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