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Visit to Lusine's Family in Arevashogh, Lori - 7/15/21

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

One of the awaited visits was to Arevashogh village in Lori Province, where many families live in severe poverty, and some of whom have been visited already, and others we hope will visit very soon.

Today we visited one of the most unfortunate families in the village, where, as you remember, as a result of the accident, the child was in a coma in the hospital, and the mother had a number of diseases.

At the moment, the parents are with the child in the hospital, and the other children are in the care of the grandfather who is over 80years old, they live in socially unstable conditions, to say the least.

We gave this family a pregnant cow, which will give them up to 15 liters of milk, giving them a sustainable source of income, a gas stove to finally get rid of the old Soviet stove, a refrigerator to store food and the milk products, an electric kettle, clothes, and, of course, food to last them for a very long time.

We hope and believe that after our visit not only the social problems will be gone, but also hope the health problems in this family will disappear quickly. Thank you all for your trust and support!

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