Vana's 4th Birthday Fundraiser


In lieu of gifts, we would like donations to be made to a very needy family in Armenia, living in Lori Province, through Aid Beyond Borders. All donations are tax deductible 

Lianna lives with her 5 children in the village of Gulagarak, Lori Province.


Lianna has been disabled since childhood, her hands were burned, and she has a hard time doing her daily jobs.


Four of the children are girls, 2, 6, 7, and 8, and the baby is a boy. The father of the children is engaged in cattle-breeding for someone else in the village and is trying to take care of his daily bread with his earnings.


Liana said that during the month they borrow food from the store, and when her husband gets paid, they return the debt.

With the collected money, we will buy a cow for the family, which will be not just a source of food in means of milk, cheese, butter, etc., but also a source of income, since the cow will produce 15 liters of milk daily, which will be more than enough to feed the children and make dairy products to sell or exchange for things the family needs.

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