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Our Mission

Aid Beyond Borders, is a USA based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to serving families, children and elderly afflicted by poverty and hardship in the country of Armenia. Through direct contributions and volunteer efforts, Aid Beyond Borders is helping the needy in Armenia and is able to provide critical resources to those in need. 


​​How to help

Through your generous contributions, Aid Beyond Borders is able to support Armenians afflicted by poverty and disability. 


There are many ways you can help! Direct monetary contributions are always appreciated! Any amount, large or small helps. To make a donation,  follow the DONATE tab to learn more! For those who want to take a more "hands-on" approach, click the GET INVOLVED tab to get the full scoop

Helping Disabled Children in Armenia
Helping needy in Armenia - Aid Beyond Borders

​Children in Need 

Children are the most vulnerable to the effects of poverty.  They are raised devoid of basic needs, most living in containers, lacking winter boots, clothes, and school supplies.  Disabled children are most often left without much needed therapies and exercise. Most of these children live in despair and vulnerability. 

Help us make a difference in these young lives! 



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