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Your contributions are essential to the mission of our organization. Direct monetary contributions allow us to allocate resources where they are most needed including: food, shelter, water, clothing, education, medical care. Any donations, whether it be monetary or tangible goods (blankets, clothes, food, educational materials, healthcare items, and etc.), are appreciated!  

Click the button below to make a direct contribution, or contact us if you have something more unique in mind! 

Volunteers are always needed, both in the Southern Caucasus Mountains, and in the U.S. We have three main roles in which volunteers can help. 


  • Staff Volunteers- Help in an administrative or operational capacity. Support in marketing, promotional design, technology, web-design, communications, public relations, and program coordination. 


  • Adivsors- Volunteers with significant professional experience can take a more active role in helping steer this wonderful organization towards success. Areas include, but are not limited to: legal counseling, program evaluation and design, financial advising, and marketing strategy. 


  • Fundraising- Volunteers can assit in fundraising activities and events, in addition to acting as liasons to corporate and private contributors. If you are interested in becoming a development intern at Aid Beyond Borders, please contact Seda Bourikian. 

You can be our hero and host a fundraising event. Any and all help is appreciated! There are numerous ways to contribute to Aid Beyond Borders beyond your money and time. Contact us if you have any questions or want to bounce ideas off of us. We love ideas. 




Contribute in Kind

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