Seda Bourikian M.D., President and Founder 


Seda started Aid Beyond Borders in 2010 as an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. Now as a surgery resident, she continues to manage and grow the organization through new partnerships and fundraising. Seda's next goal for ABB is to create a subdivision involved in international surgical education and mentorship, including medical missions to Armenia. In her spare time Seda enjoys playing tennis, woodworking, spending time with her puppies and family.  

David Starler, Vice-President

David joined Aid Beyond Borders in 2015. He has a degree in business information technology and assists the organization with administrative activities as well as fundraising. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, travel, and spending time with his family and friends. 

Lilia Chakarian, Chief Operating Officer 

Lilia joined Aid Beyond Borders in 2015. She was promoted to COO in 2016. Lilia carries out organizational and leadership aspects of ABB including identifying families in need in Armenia, organizing fundraising events for the organization, and carries out web management issues and updates. Lilia is a data engineer with a BS in Computer Science and enjoys camping, fishing, hiking and the company of great friends.

Sona ManukyanChair of Project Coordination 

Sona Manukyan joined Aid Beyond Borders in 2015. She is an attorney as well as a mediator judge in Armenia. Sona volunteers her time to identify families who meet our criteria of help, coordinates and organizes sponsored family visits, shopping, and delivery of goods to the families, disabled children, and elderly each. She is also responsible for finding and verifying the needs of the families we sponsor and donate to. Sona is an extremely valuable part of our charity because without her, our help on the ground would be nearly impossible.  She is also an active advocate for animal rights.

Kristin Brdotyan, Chair of Fundraising & Events

Kristin joined the ABB team in 2020. She is a jewelry designer and she was excited to join the ABB team in order to help in fundraising on a larger scale on the event organization and production. When she is not holding fundraisers Kristin loves spending time with her husband and enjoys the company of her friends. She has a strong passion to help children and families in need in Armenia.

Ruzanna Martirosyan, Member of Fundraising & Events 

Ruzanna joined the ABB team in 2016 due to her passion and drive for giving back to her community. Ruzanna has over 20 years of experience in working for the insurance industry so she is skilled with business relations and communication. Her ultimate wish is to help alleviate the need of orphanages in Armenia by helping each child find a loving home. In her spare time Ruzanna enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Carole Andreasian-Telemi, Member of Fundraising & Events

Carole joined the ABB team in 2016. She has a long history of holding fundraisers on her own and sending aid to Armenia. She was excited to join the ABB team in order to use her expertise in fundraising on a larger scale. When she is not holding fundraisers or teaching art to children, Carole loves spending time with her husband and kids. She is very involved with the parent-teacher organization at her childrens school as well as the Ararat cultural club scouts. 

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