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This project is an ongoing mission which involves multiple families, children, elderly in one area which we will reach out as soon as the goal is reached.  Learn about our current project HERE

Santa Visits Children Project 
Firewood for the Winter
Time for Children Project
Poor Elderly Visit Project

We try to reach out to 1 family each week, taking them the most necessary items for normal survival.  It usually involves taking the food lasting more than 6 months, a fridge, washing machine, firewood, clothes, shoes, school supplies, and more.  Learn about our current family HERE

There are disabled children of poor families, who need special equipment such as wheelchair, standers, walkers, treadmill, or special bicycles.  These items are prescribed by their treating physician or therapist to strengthen their feet.  These disabled children usually suffer from Cerebral Palsy and we help them get the equipment needed so that that they may be a little more independent in their daily routines.  Learn about current children HERE

Title speaks for itself.  This child needs surgery. Learn more HERE

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