Who do we help? 


Many familes, especially in villages, find themselves in extreme poverty, living in houses devoid of basic normal living conditions.  90% of them don't have a fridge, washing machine, even an electric kettle to heat water for simple tea or coffee.


Many children starve days at a time because the family is not able to survive on the welfare benefit the government provides.   


Disabled Children

Disabled children are not well supported by the local government.  There are almost no government supported therapies or programs for these children. Families have no choice but to pay for treatments on their own. This is a necessity that most can't afford, especially those who live well below the poverty line. 

The Elderly 


More than 30% of the Armenian population is 65 years or older. And over 50% of them are poor, living in indescribable conditions.


To a large degree, they depend on outside care and support from familes. Many of these elderly have no access to primary or emergency healthcare nor do they have people to care for them

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