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Here we are again for our 4th Annual Magical Christmas for Children in Poverty!
This year our focus will be villages where NO help was delivered before, and families live in extreme poverty.

Each year, we answer letters to Santa from children from poor families who get EXACTLY what the asked and more. In addition, We make this day as Magical as we possible can. Here is what we do in detail:

1) Identify 100 children from borderline villages who are from poor families. These children not only didn't get any gifts from Santa in their entire life, but also, most of them have not been to the capital of Armenia, have never been to children's indoor playground, and experience what children should feel at least once.

We ask the parents to ask their children to write a letter to Santa, asking for something they really dreamed of having. As soon as we have all the letters, I will post them in this fundraiser. (we are going to individually answer these letters, getting the children EXACTLY what they asked for, and more... candy, toys, clothes, etc.)

2) We rent 7-8 Mini buses to transport these children who are accompanied by 1 of their parents at 8am.

3) We bring them to Yerevan (takes 3 hours to get here from villages), and drive through center (Hraparak) showing them the huge Christmas tree, and head over to the playground, where we have prepared many surprises.

4) Children get to eat 2 meals from 11am-4pm, plus a New Year cake (which depicts our theme of Magical Christmas

5) In addition to the FREE games at the arcade, we bring lots of different cartoon character who will entertain the children throughout the time they are at the cafe. Singing, dancing, playing games are involved, bringing all children to one place and creating the magic they have never seen before.

6) And then comes Santa, who will distribute all the presents and do the opening for cake cutting ceremony.

Note: I will be posting videos from our previous Magical Christmas for Children events, so you have a better idea of what we have achieved and the joy we have give to these children. Also keep in mind, that we choose NEW children each year.


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