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Noy's Fundraiser

Exercise Room 


Children with Cerebral Palsy

This Fundraiser is one of the unique fundraisers for Aid Beyond Borders.  It's dedicated to Noy, an adorable young man who has Cerebral Palsy.  His presence gives inspiration to many, including members of our team.  This is why his parents are thrilled to organize this fundraiser to help many children in his name in a small borderline village in Armenia. Here is Noy below.


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For the first time in Aid Beyond Borders' history, there will be an exercise room for disabled children of Mets Masrik Village in Gegharkunik Province.  


There will be 4 treadmills, 4 exercise bicycles, 4 step exercise machine, plus mats, balls, and other things these children will need to become independent.  This is a great opportunity to help 30+ children who are disabled in this village.  The plan is to have the room available at no charge to these families, who will come with their children and exercise at their own time as many times a week as their child needs, as suggested by their doctor.   

Some of these children's pictures are below.  More will be added soon.  

We can make the change, if we only want to :)

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Goal: $7000      So Far: $150

Please Note:  Grand total will be updated every day by 11pm

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