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About this child:

This boy's name is Samvel Khachatryan. He was born on April 14, 2010 in Artik City of Shirak Region (near Leninakan- as some of you know, near Gyumri). When he was about 5 years old, he got sick with pneumonia, which gave lots of complications. Because of wrong treatment in Gyumri, his condition got even worse, and was transferred to Yerevan for further treatment. The family survives on only dad's income, which is barely enough to get them by.


Things got even worse, when, per the mother, the infection was already in the blood, and somehow gave complications in his foot. The right foot started swelling as well as the pneumonia was found in his both lungs. They made an incision in his foot to bring the swelling down, and from there, started this family's nightmares.


Since then they have not been able to heal the wound in his foot, having the infection already reached the bone. If this condition continues with no treatment, he might lose his leg.

Action Plan:

Two surgeries need to be done, each costing $5000, totaling $10,000. The purpose of the first surgery is to eliminate the infection which has reached the bone and heal the bone fracture.  It needs to be scraped and properly treated with antibiotics.  The purpose of the second surgery is to be able to make the foot longer, because currently it's 7cm short.


UPDATE as of September 8, 2016:

Samvel's first surgery was a huge success.  It was performed on June 30, 2016 and on July 3rd he started to take the first steps.  Want to make a note that this child has not been able to walk for the past year, so taking the first steps was a huge success in of itself.  See his first steps on our facebook page: Samvel's walking!

Three months rolled by, and just last week, after the recent x-ray, it was apparent that his bone has healed and it's time to finally prepare for the second surgery to lengthen his leg (which is 7cm short), which will involve Ilizarov's technique by  one of the most prominent doctors in Armenia, Dr. Arshak Mirzoyan.  He, in fact was the only Armenian student of Dr. Ilizarov, who invented the technique of lengthening.  You may read more about it on Dr. Mirzoyan's foundantion:  Armaveni Foundation.

Action Plan:

Time has come, and at the end of October/beginning of November, the second surgery will be performed on Sam.  The family needs our support in making this possible.  ALL donations will go to the cause and are tax deductible.

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