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Isabella's Chocolate Cookie Fundraiser
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Isabella Hakopian is a senior at Clark Magnet School.  As a part of her project at school, she chose to support Aid Beyond Borders by baking chocolate cookies and raising money to support poor families who live in villages of Armenia with firewood and food.  
Note from our CEO, Lilia Chakarian:
"As the CEO of Aid Beyond Borders, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for what Isabella has done for these disadvantaged families.  She instilled hope and perseverance in them, she showed them that they are not alone in their misery.  Because of Isabella, not only several families were warm during this past winter, but also, her efforts changed the lives of disabled children.  Because of her, these children, who are depicted in the pictures below the page, have a very good chance at becoming independent.  They now have confidence to make their lives better, and that no disability should stop them become an important part of the society.  
Isabella impressed me most by her persistence.  She could have stopped the project after the first batch she sold, and only helped a few of the families.  However, she has continuously baked, sold, and donated throughout the past several months... and the results are incredible!
  Thank you, Isabella, you are an amazing example that many should follow.  Your kindness is beyond limits and you deserve to be recognized at your school for your incredible generosity, your time, and your amazing efforts."
Today, our group visited the family in Spitak.  This family has 9 children and because of Isabella's efforts, we delivered them firewood for the winter, bread making oven, lots of flour, potatoes, oil, dry/canned food, and much more to last them at least 6-7 months.  This family was very modest and hard-working, and with this help, they will definitely stand back on their feet until summer, when there will be enough work for them to live a normal life. Here are the pictures: 
With Isabella's help, we also delivered a treadmill for Aram, who needed it to be able to walk.  Now Aram has his own treadmill, and we hope that he will walk very soon.  
Treadmill for Aram:
Firewood for a Family
Firewood was delivered to another family in need!  This family has a disabled child, and the father used to go to the nearby fields and collect small tree branches to bring home and burn. Obviously, the collected branches would not even hold the house warm the whole day.  Thanks to Isabella's efforts, this family will be warm all winter long!
Wheelchair and Toilet Seat Support for Erik
This is Erik, and he has Cerebral Palsy.  Thanks to Isabella, he now has a new specialized wheelchair and a toilet seat support.  Erik can now freely be able to go outside instead of staying at home all the time thanks to the wheelchair and socialize with his peers.  
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