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Visit to Disabled Elderly in Masis - March 26, 2016

Dear friends, today, our group visited grandmothers and grandfathers living with disabilities in Masis, who don’t have anyone other than the staff at the resource center for disabled people in Masis. Among them were talented grandparents, who prepared for us an excellent theatrical performances with songs and poems. "It was such a delight to see, hear and be present in the same room with them," said my organizer in Armenia. "They need our attention and our presence SO MUCH, it’s indescribable." We had gifts for them. We prepared presents for a total of 50 people, but unfortunately not all were able to attend the event, that is why our group personally visited the absent elderly at their home. The situation is really serious. Some of them have no home and literally live here and there. There was an old woman who lived at an abandoned store, most of them were sick, helpless, disabled and lonely. I PROMISE that we will meet them again, we will stand by them, and we will provide them with food and clothing. I would like to express my gratitude you all of you, my friends and group members, for supporting such a cause. Thank you for your kind hearts and your willingness to help. I am opening up a campaign today, to prepare to visit these elderly with food this time, as they have NOTHING. Thank you and God bless you!

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