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Visit to Disabled Poor Elderly in Davitashen - 9/4/2016

My dear friends, today our group visited single disabled elderly who had various problems, both medical and social. Our group visit to the elderly was made possible by Mr. Arai, Ms.Vera, Nanazi, and Armik. With their generous financial assistance and your contributions for the medications, I consider today's group visit a HUGE SUCCESS because today, we took the elderly a lot of food, vegetables, sweets and necessary medications, much needed for their survival and well-being. In addition to all the things mentioned, one of the elderly got a gas heater to stay warm for the winter, and another lonely grandmother got firewood for the winter. Dear friends, now we can be sure that these papik/tatiks have food for several months, and not only that, they have their necessary medicine, and for the two of them the winter will not be as harsh as the winters before. Big "thank you" to all participants who helped this visit possible, of course a special thanks to Ara and Vera for their generosity and willingness to share their bread with the poor. God Bless ALL! :)))

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