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Help Delivered to Elderly Couple in Tavush Marz, Verin Karmiraxbyur - 6/9/17

Yesterday, June 9th, one of our group members took all the food we had purchased from your donations for Sergei papik and Hasmik tatik in Karmiraghbyur gyux, Tavush Marz. This is a village that is located at the azerbaijani border.

Those who do not remember about this elderly couple, I would like to remind that on June 10, today, is Sergei papik's birthday and Hasmik tatik requested food from us so that she can prepare a meal for her husband, as she doesn't know if this will be his last birthday, since he underwent a major surgery recently.

After posting about them and getting donations, we were able to fill the car with lots of delicious food for them including different types of meat, grains, vegetables, sweets, canned food and of course a festive cake. Even after the birthday, they will have lots of food left for several months.

We wish all grandmothers and grandfathers lots of health and we hope that one day, the elderly in our Motherland will not have to ask us for food, but will be able provide for themselves.

Thank you all who were part of this. God bless you abundantly.

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