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Aid Delivered to Elderly in Mets Masrik Village - 11/25/2018

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" added 137 new photos to the album: Aid Delivered to Elderly in Mets Masrik Village - 11/25/2018.

Published by Lilia Chakarian · November 29, 2018 ·

November 25 was a special day for our team. Our team visited the elderly (papik/tatiks) living in Mets Masrik village of Gegharkunik Province. We were expecting that it would be a very moving visit, but to be moved at this extent, nobody even expected.

Overall we visited 52 elderly, most of whom lived alone. They were excited for our visit, as they did not realize that they would receive so much help. We had taken them a lot of food, grains, granulated food, meat products, dairy products and sweets that would most probably last them at least 6 months. We also took them warm clothes and winter shoes, as well as underwear and diapers for some.

All of them lived in desperate conditions, and there were also bedridden elderly, grandmothers who had no light at home, grandparents who were handicapped, and incapacitated.

I will soon post a video of the visit, but for now, here are the pictures of our visit.

Thank you for your generosity, as these elderly were all blessed and said they were saved because they do not have food problems, even the New Year for them will be one of a kind. Thank you and God bless!

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