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Grand Opening of children's playground "Andre & Coco's Happy Park" - July 8, 2022 in Arevashogh Vill

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Two of our youngest supporters decided that their daddy is going to fund a playground they wanted to build for children living in a village. But the catch was that there was supposed to be a small library inside the park filled with books.

We were up to the challenge and decided to make this happen! I was luckily there to do the grand opening, which was a great honor, since Andre and Coco have been my favorites little people who truly care for kids in Armenia. I must say that every time they think of something special to do. Last time they donated their piggy bank to a child along with some toys.

These moments are dear to my heart, since I see parents telling their kids about helping others, especially those in our Motherland.

Thank you to parents of Andre and Coco! And most importantly, thank you, Andre and Coco for thinking such an original playground for almost 400 kids in this village. God bless you unconditionally

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