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Visit to 27 Elderly in Poverty in Lori Province - 1/19/2020

On January 19, our group visited 27 elderly in poverty living in different villages of Lori region and Vanadzor, taking them long-lasting food supply: meat, dairy products, long-preserved food, fruits, sweets and more, to last them at least 8 months.

It is almost impossible to describe in words the joy and excitement of each elderly.

Many said that they would not live long enough to eat so much, some could not speak because they were so touched, others thought we were joking when we said it was all theirs.

Perhaps these kinds of visits are one of the most needed ones as we help older people not only to survive, but also to give them love and hope, to people who are abandoned by everyone and spend the last years of their lives alone.

Thank you for being with us and trusting us as we have accomplished another successful mission. God bless

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